The Beginning

I grew up in a loving family that struggled to make ends meet but always managed to provide a happy home for my siblings and I. Resourceful, tenacious and talented, my mother monetized her artistic gifts to support our family. Such childhood experiences and life lessons from my mom are what led me to realize at an early age that artistic skills hold great value if intentionally applied. It wasn’t until years later, once I was an adult, that I had an opportunity to explore my creative side and unleash my imaginative mind. Employed at a design firm which specialized in commercial office staging, I had the pleasure of designing and decorating a physician’s waiting area before leaving the company to launch my own business that would become known as QC Creations.

The Awakening

With my creative conscious now being tapped, I started to seek out other ways to express it. Inspired by a collection of paintings that was being viewed for potential collaboration, I one day picked up some art supplies, gathered old print boards I had laying around and dialed in. The end result of this creative episode was my first hand-painted masterpiece.

The Blossoming

Painting soon became a craft I couldn’t resist. It became my purpose. Though I had high hopes of one day becoming a “real artist,” it wasn’t until a friend of mine purchased my artwork that I built up enough confidence to make my collections available to the public. Quimby Franovich Art + Design Studio is now home to some of those creations and open to the public to unleash their creativity in her unique workshops.

Quimby Franovich Art + Design

Today, Quimby Franovich Art + Design is a leading contender in contemporary and abstract art + design. Supported by a collective team which consists of several family members, I aim to apply my artistic abilities in a way that inspires and empowers others to lead the lives they once dreamed of.
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