"Majestic Beauty" Abstract Original 36x48
Behold the gentile gaze of earth’s supreme gentle giant. Artistically depicted, the elephant that graces this abstract artwork is steered forth by blackened drip paint.
Sold Out
"Hip Chics" Abstract Original 36x48
Featuring faceless sketches dressed in haute couture designs, this abstract art made from acrylic draws up harmonized visions of fashion runways and backstage fittings. 
Sold Out
"Forever By Your Side" Abstract Original 24x24
A symbolic his and her depiction of unconditional devotion, this abstract art showcases a man and woman donning evening wear cloaked in smoky shadows. 
Sold Out
"Floral Rush" Abstract Original 24x30
Depicting a textured bouquet of blooms under the guise of shadowy gloom, this mixed media abstract art enraptures the imagination by bestowing romantic ambience and amorous appeal. 
Sold Out
"Cloaked in Grace" Abstract Original 36x48
His love is everlasting, cloaked by grace in divine safety.
Sold Out
"Ray of Light" Mixed Media Original 36x38
An interpretation of resplendent beauty, this wall art unit comes artistically rendered to depict sunbeams using crushed bits of metallic glass and gold leafing. 
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