"Embrace Harmony" Abstract Original 36x36
A celebration of friendship and femininity, this artistic rendering features a lineup of fashionable portraits inspired by the solidarity and camaraderie of fashion-forward females. 
"Fashionistas" Abstract Original 36x36
Dressed to the nines in extravagant Vogue-worthy runway fashions, 3 faceless feminine silhouettes grace this sketched abstract acrylic painting to portray models in haute couture. 
Sold Out
"Hip Chics" Abstract Original 36x48
Featuring faceless sketches dressed in haute couture designs, this abstract art made from acrylic draws up harmonized visions of fashion runways and backstage fittings. 
Sold Out
"Poise" Abstract Original 36x48
This grayscale piece pays tribute to fashion icons through the decades. It features the Silhouettes of various faceless women emerging from the shadows to convey sisterhood and empowerment.
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